Improve Your Head Voice Singing

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You may be amazed at how many talented singers don’t know how to do head voice singing. Some of the most well-known singers and music artists know how to do head voice very well. Britney Spears is one of these. Other singing talents include Christina Aguilera and Ashanti. Most artists with any kind of talent for singing or music realize that they have a powerful singing ability. And to further boost their skills, they practice with proper vocal exercises to further improve their vocal range.

head voice singing

Unfortunately, most people who think they have a head voice need a lot of practice. Not all singers are naturally born with a high-pitched voice, but some techniques can be learned. There are many reasons why some singers can’t seem to master their head voice and other singers that head voice without practising. Here are some things to think about that may be keeping you from singing better.

  • A lot of singers think that they’re not good enough, that they can’t head their voice properly and they don’t want to practice more. They think that they have a voice inside their head and that’s the only thing that matters. That’s simply not true. Practice is important if you want to be a top-level singer.
  • Some singers think they can sing whatever they want with a great voice and then go on and talk in public without practice. This simply isn’t true either. The voice that you learn in a singing lesson will only get better as you practice. If your voice is too high pitched at the beginning of a singing session, you won’t improve it very much until you start practising to get your head voice up.
  • A lot of singers think they can head voice independently and they don’t have to pay attention to their training. Once they start to sing well, they think they can take any singing lesson they are offered. Well, they are wrong. Most good singing lessons require intensive practice. Singers who think they can head voice alone aren’t going to make it.
head voice singing
  • A lot of singers think they can practice until their head voice sounds like Michael Jackson. Well, they are wrong again. You can’t expect your head voice to sound like Michael Jackson if you don’t practice and work on your singing skills.


You need to pay attention to your head voice if you want to be a successful singer. There are some things that you can do to improve it. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will get better results than if you just give up. By following these tips, you can see progress with your head voice right away. So what are you waiting for?

It’s important to practice your head voice every single day. Don’t wait for your singing sessions to complete before practising. Your vocal cords can expand and contract even during your singing sessions so you need to know how to control them. Your singing sessions will determine how much progress you make.

Practice will help you master your head voice. Start with humming in the car. This is a good way to test yourself. During your practice, you shouldn’t force your voice to do anything it’s not comfortable with. You should use only a natural tone and deepen it gradually. This will make your head voice sound very natural.

Practice your head voice outdoors as well. A simple exercise is to breathe from your diaphragm. Make it as smooth and relaxed as possible. Next, try singing while speaking normally. Then, back it up by singing again while speaking normally. Repeat these exercises every day until you’re able to sing comfortably without thinking about it.

When you have mastered the techniques in this article, you will notice that your head voice will shine through. Your audience will be able to tell that you’re recording with a head voice. With practice, you can make your head voice your best singing voice. Good luck!

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