février 23, 2024
Listen to Wiardons Trackhawk new rap music today | VocalArtsSociety

Wiardon: « Trackhawk »

Austin, Texas-based Wiardon made a name for himself years ago as a teenage producer with woozy beats tackled by the likes of Lucki and Baby Smoove, but he’s really found his groove as a hybrid. rapper-beatmaker. « Trackhawk » is a single from his upcoming self-produced album. road music, and over his gritty but breezy instrumental, he raps in a style that mixes East Coast post-Prodigy tradition with the fuzzy flows that can be found everywhere from Detroit to Houston. It’s like he’s in the cabin with a blunt in his mouth. More often than not, I love when his lines fade away as he goes, a stylistic flourish that gives his songs a naturalistic feel.

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