avril 18, 2024
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SixTONES goes supersonic and funky with their 10th single, “KOKKARA,” now streaming worldwide exclusively on YouTube and YouTube Music!


About Release

Blending disco with 90s funk and their own unique pop-rock sound, « KOKKARA » is the very definition of fun! And nowhere is that more apparent than in the accompanying music video, with a montage of the guys rocking and having fun in an empty restaurant, bowling alley or ballroom; showing how in sync they are on and off the dance floor!

The song also serves as the theme for NTV’s new drama « Passion for Punchlines, » featuring band member Shintaro Morimoto with King & Prince’s Johnny Kaito artist Takahashi as comedy duo Tarinai Futari.

A physical version of the disc is out June 14th wherever Japanese CDs are sold, complete with additional bonus tracks and behind-the-scenes video extras!

Check out SixTONES’ previous digital releases now as well as fun (and very fun) variety videos uploaded weekly on their official channel:

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SOURCE: Johnny & Associates

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